Craftsman 101.2290 Bandsaw - Manual Link
01/19/2011 - by Travis
I recently picked up a nice little Craftsman metal cutting bandsaw. This is the model 101.2290 and it's quite compact but does a great job and cuts wide enough pieces for most of what I do. The hydraulic downfeed is great and gives some excellent cuts. So far, I love this saw. Note that parts are still available from Sears but some are VERY expensive. It uses a 60" blade. I use the Diemaster 2 (DM) blades with great success. Even the 6/10 cuts very nicely with the right feed rate.

The seller scanned an original manual and was kind enough to provide a PDF for me. So, for anyone needing the manual, here it is:

Craftsman 101.2290 Bandsaw Manual