Power Steering on Ford 801? (Part 4)
01/25/2011 - by Travis
Continued from part 3

Well, the quick update here is that it works finally!

There are a few little things to attend to yet, but it is definitely working and works great!

The final design was:

  • Loader pump on stinger
  • 3PGM priority valve with CF to actuated cylinder
  • Mounting bracket for cylinder welded to radius rod
  • Tie rod welded to size to fit around oil pan

Much of the kit just bolted on, but I ended up having to do this:
  • Made a simple bracket to hold the priority valve
  • Modified cylinder mounting plate and welded to radius rod
  • Welded tie rod to get rid of brackets which scraped oil pan
  • Purchased new hoses to plumb hydraulics
  • Converted cylinder fittings to JIC6 instead of 45 degree fittings (this isn't critical of course)

Overall, this was not a hard modification but it was fairly time consuming. Part of the reason for that was trying to come up with the easiest and cleanest way to make the changes. Part of that was that I did several other things while I had the tractor torn apart.

I will update with final pictures and such shortly. I will also update once I have had some more time to use the power steering, especially with loader work.