I-PAC Programming Utility for Linux
12/19/2013 - by Travis
IPACUTIL for Linux provides a way to program an I-PAC in Linux rather than having to use DOS/Windows.  

ipacutil is a GPL'ed command-line program.   There is also a GUI front end (currently usable but in active development).

ipacutil has only been tested on i386, but with some modifications (described in the package) and perhaps some tweaks, it should be possible to get it working on other architectures.  It has also only been tested with the PS/2 port.  If anyone wants to do testing on other setups or provide me with hardware to test with, let me know!

2013/12/19 Update: The release in 2012 solved the issue with the older I-PAC VE boards. However, I have been informed that the most recent I-PAC VE boards use a new, slightly modified programming sequence. I'm working on getting a new board to test with.

2012/02/06 Update: A new release is coming soon to support new I-PACs, including I-PACVE

2007/09/09 Update 2: First release of ipacutil USB is up on the download page. Try it and let me know how it worked for you.

2007/09/09 Update: I-PAC4 appears to be working (minimal testing), as are macros. It appears that the command line tool is ready for alpha release and some testing. I'll post here later today. Please email me with bugs found.

2007/09/08 Update: OK, this is looking better. Finally have this mostly working and largely cleaned up. The config file stuff seems to all be working. IPAC2 basics work flawlessly so far. Macros are untested, as are I-PAC4/VE/MINIPAC VE. I will test with I-PAC4 tomorrow, but users with I-PAC VE/MINIPAC VE are wanted for testing. Expect an alpha release in the next couple days...

2007/09/05 Update: Just got my new I-PAC 2/4 boards and have had success programming via USB. The code is still held together with spit and paperclips, but expect a release soon. I'm working on this (very) part-time, so keep that in mind. Interestingly, the PS/2 release is probably going to be behind USB this time around. Anyone with serio-raw expertise?

2007/08/21 UPDATE: I'm back to looking at IPACUTIL. Turns out there have been lots of improvements since I last worked on this... and lots of changes to the Linux kernel, which makes this current version effectively useless unless you are using a 2.4 kernel. Lots of improvements coming... lots of work to do...
A big thank you goes out to Andy Warne both for having such a great product and his support in getting this tool written.

- LakeShark